Being the best in your class!

Do you want to be the best in your class? Have you ever wondered how a certain so and so gets top marks all the time? You probably think they were born with a high IQ… something you feel you don’t have!

Hey, tell you what; if you apply yourself, put in extra effort and follow these simple, easy steps; you’ll soon be reaping the rewards and wondering how you made being smart so easy:

Get your body and brain ready to work:

Chances are you’ll going to learn best and achieve best possible success if your body is at its optimum. Here are a few ways you can get your body ready for learning:

Set a target:

For you to be top of your class, you got to want to be top of your class. Write down a list of goals you want to achieve and work towards achieving them.

Learn in the way that works for you

Find a way that works for you when learning and making use of the learning style as much as you can. That way you’ve more chances of getting the best possible results from the exercise (learning)

Read wide

Do not restrict your learning to things you’d have learnt in class. Read other materials! You can even ask your teacher if he or she has ideas of what other books you can read to improve your knowledge of a specific subject.


This is a HUGE thing! Many a time there’s a sacrifice that comes with being top of your class. You can’t be a social butterfly week in and out and expect to ace your subject or be top of the class. This is NOT to say you shouldn’t have friends. This IS to say, focus on books, spend more time studying, and less socialising. There’s a time for everything.


You’re going to have to tell bae, friends, and your parents that topping your class is an objective. This way, they are going to respect your decision it when you want to spend more time studying, and they’ll give you space.

Start thinking about your future now, beSmart fans! Go to class and be the best you can possibly be ;-)

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Karabo Motaung 1 week ago:
I want to improve my English from now ,best words indeed
Godsway Coffie 2 weeks ago:
This article is helpful
Enslin Tieties 2 weeks ago:
You are right
Goitsimang Motaung 1 month ago:
I am trying my best but maths drop me down
Godsway Coffie 2 weeks ago:
Be practicing it because "Practice makes man perfect"